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Family Sponsorship

Family reunification remains one of the pillars of the Canadian immigration system. If you are a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada, you can sponsor certain family members to become permanent residents. Family sponsorship programs make it easy for Canadian citizens and permanent residents to bring their spouse, partner, child, and other immediate family members to Canada.

Who can you sponsor?

  • Spouse
  • Common-law partner
  • Conjugal partner
  • Dependent children
  • Parent
  • Grandparent
  • Brother or sister, nephew or niece, granddaughter or grandson who are orphaned, under 18 years of age and not married or in a common-law relationship
  • another relative of any age or relationship but only under specific conditions
  • accompanying relatives of the above (for example, spouse, partner, and dependent child)

The sponsor must meet certain eligibility criteria, and the people you sponsor must also meet some eligibility factors.

Who can sponsor?

  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or registered Indian.
  • Sign an undertaking promising to provide for the basic requirements of the sponsored persons.
  • Sign an agreement with the sponsored person.
  • Meet the Low-Income Cut-Off (LICO) for the past 12 months (except to sponsor spouse, common- law partner, conjugal partner, or dependent child).
  • In the case of the Parent and Grandparent Program (PGP), meet Low-Income Cut-Off (LICO) plus 30% for the three previous taxation years.


Our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs) can assess your eligibility, determine your options to come to Canada, and represent you in your application. We are authorized by the Canadian government to offer paid immigration services legally. Our job is to educate you about Canadian immigration and to strategize a plan considering your objectives, timeline expectations, and overall needs.

Once you retain Canada Visa Express, we work in a highly systematic manner for which we are known for. We comply with our system to be constant for being fast and efficient in the delivery of service. Upon signing the retainer agreement, we start assisting you. We make ourselves available. We answer phone calls everyday, respond to emails within 24 to 48 hours, and provide answers promptly.

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