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Work In Canada

Canada is actively seeking foreign workers and professionals to help grow its strong national workforce and to address labour market shortages.

In most cases, to work in Canada, the foreign worker will need a work permit. However, there are other circumstances where you may be able to work in Canada without a work permit. Also, there are several other ways to work in Canada without undergoing the traditional work permit application process, including work permits granted for working holidays, post-graduate work permits or permits issued under international agreements, such as NAFTA.

Types of work permit:

  • LMIA Exempt Work Permit
  • LMIA based Work Permit
  • Post-Graduation Work Permit
  • Global Skills Strategy
  • Open Work Permit


Our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs) can assess your eligibility, determine your options to come and stay in Canada, and represent you in your application. We are authorized by the Canadian government to offer paid immigration services legally. Our job is to educate you about Canadian immigration and to strategize a plan for you to come to Canada considering your objectives, timeline expectations, and overall needs.

Once you retain Canada Visa Express, we work in a highly systematic manner for which we are known for. We comply with our system to be constant for being fast and efficient in the delivery of service. Upon signing the retainer agreement, we start assisting you. We make ourselves available. We answer phone calls everyday, respond to emails within 24 to 48 hours, and provide answers promptly.

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